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Travala Review: Is It Legit to Spend Crypto?

Last updated May 25, 2024

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One of the most popular websites to spend crypto is at Travala, which offers flights, hotels, and travel packages all over the world. When booking hotels and flights at Travala with cryptocurrency, you can get discounts and earn crypto rewards. It’s a great way to spend your crypto and get rewarded at the same time. Here is our Travala review.

Travala has been a popular website for travel bookings since its inception in 2017. Travala offers over 2 million properties including hotels, villas, apartments, and resorts all over the world. 

Travala has positioned itself as a crypto-friendly travel booking platform with a central focus on its own cryptocurrency AVA. The AVA token can be used for making payments, receiving and redeeming rewards points as well as a store of value. 

With Travala, you can book vacations with several cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (with Lightning network) Ethereum, XRP, Dogecoin, several stablecoins and many more. Travala’s cryptocurrency, AVA, is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and can be used as payment at Travala. If you use AVA to pay, you can receive a 3% discount plus 2% back in AVA rewards. These rewards can be used for future purchases at Travala, or you can spend them online at other websites where crypto is accepted. You can purchase AVA on Binance and Kucoin and store it on a hardware wallet, Safepal, Trustwallet, or on Metamask.

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  • Pros & Cons

    • Accepts several cryptocurrencies
    • Book stays in over 200 countries
    • Discounts for booking with AVA token
    • Crypto rewards
    • Easy to use
    • Leader in crypto travel bookings
    • Exclusive NFTs available
    • Smart Program with several benefits
    • Metaverse events coming soon
    • Backed by Binance
    • Partnered with Expedia
    • Discounts only available when paying with AVA
    • Travala only appealing to crypto users
  • Fees

    No extra fees

  • Coins

    Over 80 crypto payment methods


Since Travala deals with cryptocurrency, it’s natural to wonder how compliant the platform is with Canada’s financial regulations. Travala is UK-based and therefore adheres to the UK’s rules and regulations. Travala’s founders have a wealth of experience in Fintech, blockchain and business. Travala is also backed by Binance and is a partner of Expedia, so you can use Travala with peace of mind, knowing it is partnered with both the world’s biggest travel booking company and the world’s largest crypto exchange. 

Payment Methods

When it comes to paying for your vacation, you can choose a regular credit or debit card, or you can choose cryptocurrency options. 

Payment options on Travala

One crypto option is to pay with Binance Pay or crypto.com. If you choose either of these, you will be prompted to login to your Binance or crypto.com accounts and complete payment on their platforms. 

If you choose to pay with “My Wallet” you can choose to pay with AVA, BNB or BUSD if you have any of those cryptocurrencies stored in your Travala account wallet. 

If you wish to pay with another crypto, or one that you have in your Metamask wallet, select to pay with “crypto.”

Selecting crypto coins for payment at Travala

Choose your preferred crypto, and you will see a wallet address that you need to send your funds to. You can also scan the QR code with your phone. Don’t forget to include the memo and choose the right network or your funds could be lost. 

Proceeding with crypto payment on Travala

Once you have sent the payment, wait for the booking to be confirmed. This could be instantaneous or take a few minutes depending on the crypto you choose. If you pay with bitcoin, you have the option to use the Lightning network which is a layer 2 solution for bitcoin. It will speed up the transaction and take just seconds for it to go through. You will need a Lightning Network-compatible wallet to use this option. 


Travala is an easy-to-use travel booking website. If you have ever used Expedia to book travel destinations, Travala is similar. The home page features several travel destinations that you can browse, or simply search your preferred destination. 

Travala main dashboard

Towards the button of the homepage, Travala explains that it is a crypto-friendly platform.

Travala dashboard image #2
To book a vacation with Travala, you must first create an account. The process is no different than other websites where you wish to make a payment. Simply enter your name and email address and create a password. You can also login using your existing Binance account if you have one. 

Once you are logged in, you can connect your Metamask wallet to Travala if you have one, but it is not necessary. 

Search for a travel destination using the search bar and explore the hotels and other accommodation that Travala has to offer. You can also select which currency you wish to see pricing in, both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

payment methods on Travala


Travala incorporates several exciting features into its platform. Not only can you book worldwide travel accommodation and flights, but you can earn rewards and get discounts.

You can participate in the Smart Program, which offers discounts and other benefits. There are seven tiers within the Smart Program, from basic to diamond. For each tier, you need to lock an amount of AVA tokens for at least 30 days. For the basic tier you only need to lock 50 AVA tokens and you will receive a 3% discount on bookings when you pay with AVA. You’ll also receive 2% AVA back in loyalty rewards. These rewards and discounts increase, the higher the tier.

If you lock 2,500 AVA for the platinum tier, you will receive a 5% discount on bookings and 5% back in loyalty rewards. If you have one of Travala’s unique “Travel Tigers” NFTs and lock 2,500 AVA, you will be eligible for the diamond tier. Diamond tier members receive a 3% discount on bookings and up to 10% back in loyalty rewards. 

Travala NFT platform

Travel credits are also available to purchase with fiat or crypto, which are valid for a lifetime. These credits can be used to make purchases at Travala at a later date. If you are a diamond Smart Program member, a pool of 10% of Travala’s commissions is available to claim when you perform marketing and promotional tasks for Travala. 

Final Word

Travala is an excellent choice when it comes to booking vacations with cryptocurrency. The process for making payments is simple, plus the rewards and discounts make bookings with Travala a good deal. We wish that discounts would be available on paying with other cryptocurrencies, but it makes sense why Travala would use its own token for the basis of these discounts. 

If you’re willing to buy and hold the AVA token, then these discounts and rewards can add up over time, especially if you travel frequently. You can also sell AVA on crypto exchanges at any time, so you can also benefit from price increases. With crypto being used more and more for purchases online, we recommend Travala as the number one place to book your next vacation. Check available options today.

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