About OCryptoCanada

My name is Oleg Galeev, the founder of OCryptoCanada. I live in Vancouver, Canada, and here is my short story of how I got into cryptocurrency.

Back in 2013, I had 2 bitcoins on my wallet, but I never was into Crypto. To my surprise, the price of bitcoins in 2017 reached $2000 and I sold them.

Back then, I thought it’s extremely crazy, well it was a big mistake. However, the industry sparked my interest and I got into cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Today, I am a Cryptocurrency enthusiast but it’s hard to find Crypto information and news specifically for Canadians, but more and more people are interested into crypto. This was the reason I created this website, to follow the latest Crypto news, cover Canadian stories, and provide expert guides and tips on crypto in Canada.

At OCryptoCanada, we like to give people knowledge to become aware and catch up in the fastest moving industry on the planet. Cryptocurrency will be one of the main medium exchanges in the future.