Bitcoin Alliance of Canada (BAC)

Bitcoin Alliance of Canada (BAC) was Canada’s largest nationwide non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of Bitcoin among Canadian consumers, merchants, and policymakers; promoting Bitcoin adoption in Canada; and furthering study and research in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. For example, what crypto exchanges are the best for Canadians or which crypto wallet to pick, and how to buy Bitcoin in Canada in general. The BAC leadership consisted of a seven-member board, elected by an independent committee of Bitcoin enthusiasts from across the country with the executive director Anthony Di Iorio who is a Canadian entrepreneur primarily known as a co-founder of Ethereum and an early investor in Bitcoin. Di Iorio is the founder and CEO of the blockchain company Decentral, and the associated Jaxx wallet. He also served as the first chief digital officer of the Toronto Stock Exchange according to Wikipedia.

The concept behind the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada (BAC) was inspired by the need for accurate and professional media coverage of Bitcoin in Canada. BAC believed that both on television and online, news typically doesn’t properly address the dynamic aspects of Bitcoin. The BAC was poised to become a reliable source of that information.

Bitcoin Alliance of Canada also organized a popular Bitcoin Expo event in Toronto, back in 2014. It was the first major conference in Canada related to cryptocurrency. There were many popular crypto-speakers:

  • Joseph David
  • Charlie Lee
  • Vitalik Buterin,
  • Rodolfo Novak and Peter Gray 
  • Stu Hoegner
  • Adam Levine, Stephanie Murphy and Andreas Antonopoulos
  • Charles Hoskinson
  • Jonathan Mohan
  • Jeffrey Tucker
  • Cody Wilson
  • Erik Voorhees
  • Jason King

As of today, the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada does not seem to exist anymore. Nevertheless, there was no official statement.