Free Canada Crypto Tax Calculator For 2024


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Disclaimer: The information provided by this crypto tax calculator is just a rough estimate. It doesn't cover local taxes, extra investment taxes, different deductions, tax breaks, or any losses that could lower your crypto taxes in Canada. For exact details, talk to a tax expert or use tools like Koinly or Coinledger for the best calculations and easy tax form preparation with just a few clicks. You can also refer to our huge guide on crypto taxation in Canada

How To Use Our Crypto Tax Calculator

Our Bitcoin and crypto tax calculator is incredibly user-friendly and created specifically to assist Canadian investors in calculating their tax obligations.

To get started with our free crypto tax calculator, simply:

  1. Input your cryptocurrency capital gains.
  2. Input your total annual income.
  3. Specify the province or territory you live in.

After you've input your details, we can quickly estimate your tax due with just a click.

Is This Crypto Tax Calculator Suitable for Filing Tax Returns?

No, our crypto tax calculator is designed solely to provide you with an estimate of your tax responsibilities concerning your cryptocurrency gains or losses.

We strongly advise using a tool such as Koinly or Coinledger for official tax declarations. These tools allow you to link to any cryptocurrency exchange, export all your crypto transactions, calculate taxes, and generate all the necessary tax documents for the Canada Revenue Agency.