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Bitget vs. What Works Better For Canadians in 2024

Oleg Galeev

Last updated December 27, 2023

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Canada are always on the lookout for reliable and effective trading platforms. As the crypto space evolves, two exchanges have come under the spotlight for Canadian traders: Bitget and With Bitget primarily attracting advanced traders due to its diverse altcoin offerings and boasting a vast daily trading volume, the decision between the two is far from straightforward.


Bitget is a cryptocurrency exchange for skilled users that offers thousand of altcoins for Canadians (and people all over the world) to trade.

Launched in 2013, is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with $12 billion+ daily trading volume. However, Canada is on the list of disallowed countries under terms same as the US and many other counties. Because of this, they can randomly block your account at any time so we WOULD NOT recommend using it. If you are looking for a similar exchange, we would recommend using Bitget instead or checking our list of the best crypto exchanges in Canada


Over 1000 major coins and altcoins



Trading fees on Bitget are low at just 0.1%, but can be lower if you pay fees with their token BGB.

  • Free crypto deposits 
  • Some free crypto withdrawals minus network fees
  • Other various crypto withdrawal fees
  • 0.2%/0.2% maker/taker fees
  • 0.15%/1.5% maker/taker fees when paid in GT
  • Lower trading fees when holding 100+ GT or 0.05+ BTC
  • $30 + 3.5% bank transfer for up to $2,000 (USD only)
  • Various third-party fees for card payments


  • Low trading fees
  • Hundreds of altcoins
  • Advanced features
  • Simple KYC process
  • Thousands of altcoins available to trade
  • Advanced trading features and tools
  • Unique features
  • Comprehensive help and data available
  • Low trading fees
  • Get additional benefits by holding GateToken
  • OTC Desk
  • NFT marketplace


  • No Interac e-Transfer
  • Confusing for beginners
  • No CAD deposits and withdrawals
  • Not allowed in Canada
  • CAD bank accounts not supported
  • Must use third-party for card purchases
  • Some trading options not available to Canadians
  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Bad app reviews

Account Limits

No major limits

No major limits

Methods to buy

  • Credit or debit card
  • P2P platform
  • Credit/debit card using third-party service
  • USD bank transfer to OTC desk
  • Crypto deposits


  • 2FA
  • Anti-phishing code
  • $300 million insurance for lost assets
  • Hot and cold storage to keep customer funds safe
  • 2FA

Mobile and Desktop Trading

Praised for its intuitive mobile app, Bitget's application has secured a commendable 4.5-star rating on the Apple App Store and a 4.2-star rating on Google Play. These ratings suggest a robust and reliable mobile trading experience. On the desktop front, Bitget provides advanced charting tools and order book data, tailored primarily for experienced traders.

With a somewhat lower rating,'s mobile app has garnered a 4.1-star score both on the Apple App Store and 4.3 on Google Play. This might raise usability concerns for some. However, its desktop platform mirrors its mobile counterpart, offering a myriad of advanced trading features that, while intricate, can be quite rewarding for those who master them.


The Bitget platform can be confusing for beginners since there is advanced charting and order book data. Bitget’s mobile app has a 4.4-star rating on the Apple App Store and a 4.6-star rating on Google Play

Trading crypto on Bitget from Canada

Bitget desktop view (trading screen)

Depositing money to Bitget

Bitget depositing screen

Bitget mobile app main screenshot

Bitget mobile app main screen

Bitget mobile app screenshot

Bitget mobile app (coins) App’s iOS app has a 2.5-star rating from 700 reviews and a 2.5-star rating from 10,000 reviews on Google Play. It is quite low, we would recommend using a desktop app. Many reviewers have said that they cannot log in, that the 2FA does not work, you are often sent to blank pages and overall a bad user interface. We never had such issues though. desktop app interface desktop app interface

Screenshot of “big data” market tracker on data screen mobile app screenshot (main page) mobile app screenshot (main page) mobile interface mobile interface

Security Compliance

Bitget uses two-factor authentication for security and emails you about logins or withdrawals. They offer an anti-phishing code for genuine emails and have a $300 million insurance for lost assets, which you can claim if not at fault. is quite a reputable exchange. Forbes Advisor gave it a 4.5-star rating and named it one of the best crypto exchanges. utilizes hot and cold storage to keep customer funds safe. On its website, says it is the first exchange to invest millions in security and law funds. They also claim to be fully compliant and certain features such as futures trading is not available to Canadians because of regulationsThey can block your account at any time.

Prioritizing its users' safety, Bitget has put in place two-factor authentication and sends notification emails for activities like logins or withdrawals. Additionally, the platform promises to safeguard customer funds through an emergency insurance coverage worth $300 million. doesn't lag behind when it comes to security. Recognized by Forbes Advisor with a 4.5-star rating, the platform utilizes both hot and cold storage solutions for customer funds. They are also the first to invest significantly in security and law funds, a testament to their commitment to safety.

Regulatory Compliance

Not regulated by Canadian financial institutions. is not compliant crypto exchange in Canada.

When it comes to operating in Canada, compliance with federal regulations is paramount. The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) is the primary organization overseeing such operations. Bitget, albeit not allowing direct CAD deposits, does offer alternatives to Canadian users, making it somewhat compliant. On the other hand, has several restrictions for Canadians, with the country being on its list of disallowed nations. This means Canadian users are at risk of account suspensions, making it a less favorable choice in terms of compliance.

Customer support

Reviewers say customer support is unhelpful but most of them are beginners. Bitget is not a crypto exchange for beginners and if you do not know how copy trading or futures trading works, then it is not a good idea to use them, as this customer points out. 

There is a helpful help centre and blog on the website which teaches you how to use their many features. They also have a live chat function and you can submit a support request when you’re logged in. Unfortunately, has many bad reviews on Trustpilot with people complaining that they are unable to withdraw or that customer service is slow or does not respond. 

While its Trustpilot score of 2.8 stars might be worrisome, Bitget's essential to consider the platform's broader clientele. The main issue most users have is with the copy trading feature, which could be attributed to misunderstandings. offers an extensive help center and blog, along with a live chat feature. However, its Trustpilot reviews are less than stellar, with common grievances around withdrawal issues and unresponsive customer service.


Both Bitget and have their merits. With extensive trading tools, favorable fees, and diverse crypto offerings, they cater to a broad audience. However, considering the context of Canadian traders, Bitget emerges as the more favorable option. Its compliance, user experience, and security measures make it a more reliable choice for Canadians in 2024.

We recommend choosing Bitget over for your cryptocurrency trading needs. By opting for Bitget through our referral link, you support us in conducting comprehensive independent analyses of crypto trading options for Canadians.

If you find that neither Bitget nor meets your requirements, we encourage you to explore our monthly-updated list of the best exchanges for Canadians to trade crypto. This list provides a range of alternative options that may better suit your specific needs and preferences.


Oleg is a Canadian citizen & crypto expert who has been trading since 2016. He started out with Coinbase, Kraken and Peer-to-Peer exchanges. After some time, centralized exchanges started charging crazy fees to their users.

He decided to review different crypto exchanges that operate in Canada and start a Youtube channel in order to educate Canadians on what kinds of things are going inside each one while giving them unbiased advice. On top of that, Oleg also has experience with NFT, airdrops, and crypto staking and he is constantly checking on new crypto assets.

His writing has been featured in popular Canadian media sources such as Toronto Sun and Ottawa Citizen.