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Can You Use Crypto.Com Card In Canada?

Using crypto.com card in Canada

Yes, you can use Crypto.com cards in Canada starting the end of 2020 which is now the first-ever major crypto payment card in the market. Cryptocurrency has been slowly making its way to become a medium of exchange in our daily lives, and even though it has not replaced yet the good ol’ fiat money, it will surely be a great addition for some of the ways to purchase and pay cashless; this is just making it more convenient for everyone by adding more options using digital currencies. 

How To Apply In Canada? 

There is only one commitment the Crypto.com App requires their users to have, and that is for them to own CRO tokens and have them staked for 180 days. 

Just follow the few easy steps below to apply for your very own Crypto.com you Visa Card 

  1. Sign up by downloading the Crypto.comApp via (we appreciare if use our referral link.): 
  2. After completing the KYC verification, go to the “Card” page and choose your preferred card tier and stake its CRO equivalent. 

Note: Updated CRO staking rates can be found here

You are required to do the three steps below: 

  1. Accept the Terms & Conditions
  2. Must have a sufficient CRO in your Crypto.com App wallet to be able to stake them for a 180-day lock-up period.  Note: The How-To’s on staking crypto in Canada can be found here
  3. Fill out and confirm your delivery address. Note: Acceptable documents to verify your delivery address can be found here

Note: UK/EU users will receive their virtual card via the Crypto.com App upon completion of the review of their address documents, and can then request a physical card, which is optional, to be delivered thereafter. More information about the physical and virtual cards can be found here

  1. When your Crypto.com Visa Card is ready to be shipped, users will be notified to update their Apps and stake their CROs had they not already. Your card status will be updated via the App after completing all the steps above and while the card is being shipped. 

Estimated Delivery Time For Crypto.com Card

For Canadians, the delivery time takes from 7 to 14 business days.

What Are The Crypto.com Card Rewards And Benefits For Canadians? 

Some of the rewards and benefits included are in the table below, however, you may check out this page for a more detailed description. 

  1. Travel In Style: you get a 10% purchase rebate on each of your booking on Airbnb or Expedia. 
  2. Music: you get a 100% rebate for your standard Spotify subscription plan
  3. Movies: you get a 100% rebate for your standard Netflix subscription plan. 
  4. Spending Rewards: you can get up to 8% back on your spendings whether local or overseas with no required minimum or maximum spending. 


What Are The Crypto.com Card Purchase Rebates For Canadians? 

The purchase rebates limit can be found below, however, you may check here for a more detailed discussion. 

  • Airbnb: you can get up to 10% of each purchase with a limit of US$100 per month. 
  • Expedia: you can get up to 10% of each purchase with a limit of US$50 per month. 
  • Netflix: you can get up to US$13.99 per month. 
  • Amazon Prime: you can get up to US$12.99 rebate per month of the membership fee. 
  • Spotify: you can get up to US$12.99 per month. 


Where Can I Use A Crypto.Com Visa Card In Canada? 

You can use the Crypto.com Visa Card to pay in more than 40 million points of sale anywhere in the world (just look for the Visa logo and you’re good to go) and in countless online retails shops. 

Note: The Crypto.com Visa Card is a Visa debit card and some merchants only require credit card transactions to be able to use their services. 


What Are The Charges & Fees For Canadians? 

  • Restaurants And Services-Oriented Merchants 

Some restaurants and service-oriented merchants might hold an amount slightly higher than your bill and you should therefore make sure that you have an available balance that is 20% or more higher than your total bill before using your Crypto.com Visa Card. 

  • Gas Stations

Some gas stations may add an extra amount to cover which is usually around $50 to $150. If you want to avoid such situations, it would be better for you to pay at the register than paying at the pump. 

  • Hotels And Rental Companies

To allow for incidental charges, these merchants would normally place a hold more than the actual charge and it can take up to 60 days after your rental or your stay for the excess amounts they held to be added back to your available balance. 

Note: All the card Limits and Fees can be found in the Fees & Limits Sections in the Settings. Make sure that you are checking the correct card tier as there are differences between the limits and fees which depends on the tier of your card. 

I personally use Crypto.com card for over a year and it works perfectly well in Canada. We appreciate if you use our referral link to apply for a card. 

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