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EukaPay Review: Is It the Game-Changer for Accepting Cryptocurrency in Canada?

Last updated June 22, 2023

Invoice paid with crypto and converted to CAD with Eukapay

EukaPay is a Canadian crypto payment option for businesses. EukaPay offers businesses an easy way to accept cryptocurrency payments. A variety of cryptocurrencies are accepted and you can receive payments directly to your bank in a fiat currency of your choice. 

With just a 1% transaction fee, EukaPay is cheaper than many credit card transactions, meaning you can keep more of your profits. 

What is EukaPay?

Currently, there are over 300 million cryptocurrency users worldwide, indicating a significant increase in global demand.

EukaPay firmly believes that cryptocurrencies will coexist alongside traditional local currencies, especially as more countries legalize the use of cryptocurrency. 

EukaPay is an all-in-one digital currency payment processor that integrates accounting and analytics features. With EukaPay, merchants can generate invoices, receive crypto payments, and track their transactions in real time. Additionally, EukaPay provides the flexibility for receiving payments in either dollars or stablecoins.

Canadian businesses can accept cryptocurrencies and receive payments in Canadian dollars, all while mitigating issues such as currency volatility, financial and tax reporting, and costly security infrastructure.

It is easy to add EukaPay to your website so customers have the option to checkout and pay with crypto online. Confirmations are instant, and funds are settled and the end of every business day. The exchange rate is locked in at the point of sale, so there are no hidden surprises later. Additionally, since all crypto transactions are final, customers cannot make chargebacks.

Eukapay Major Features 

There are several features that make EukaPay an ideal solution for businesses and merchants looking to offer crypto payments. 

There are flexible ways to pay and get paid. Create invoices and email them to clients, set up a “pay with crypto” button on your website’s checkout page, or accept crypto payments at your physical location with a terminal. 

Crypto payments are converted to dollars or stablecoins at the time of sale protecting both you and the customer from volatility. 

EukaPay also has its own on and off-ramp solution if you’re looking to swap dollars for crypto. You can simply pay via Interac e-Transfer to buy a select number of cryptocurrencies. Eukaspay is non-custodial meaning the crypto you buy is sent directly to your own wallet, not held for you. 

If you would like to buy or sell a large amount of crypto, EukaPay has an OTC Desk, so you can get a personal quote at the best exchange rate.

Additional Features

Export your crypto transactions to Xero or Quickbooks and integrate crypto payment natively into Xero invoices as well. 

To help new customers find your business EukaPay offers a map where you can add your business details and location. This map, similar to Google, shows customers where they can pay with crypto. This map offers an easy way for new customers to find your business. 

Eukapay's map with Canadian businesses who accept crypto

Supported Cryptocurrencies and Networks For Accepting Crypto Payments With Eukapay

Customers can pay with the following cryptocurrencies: 










USD Coin









Bitcoin Cash












EukaPay will convert the cryptocurrency into Canadian dollars at the point of sale and pay the money into your bank account. By converting the crypto received at the time of sale, the customer pays exactly as they expect and you don’t lose out to volatility if the crypto markets drop by the time your funds are paid. 

EukaPay aggregates a number of exchange rates and uses the best one it can find. The customer will have a 20-window to complete the checkout before the exchange rate changes again. 

If you prefer to receive payments in stablecoins rather than Canadian dollars, you can set that up as well. Stablecoins can also protect you from volatility and can be exchanged for crypto or dollars at a later date.

You can choose to receive payments in a select number of cryptocurrencies, which are paid to your wallet, but there is a risk of them losing value. 

How to Receive Crypto Payments with EukaPay

There are several ways to accept cryptocurrency payments with EukaPay. Using a smartphone or tablet you can accept crypto payments at points of service in retail locations. Simply use the app, connect your bank account and generate a QR code for the customer to scan when they need to pay.

Process of receiving crypto payments with Eukapay


You can use EukaPay to send customized invoices in a few clicks. The customer will be able to send crypto to your payment address on the invoice and you will get paid in dollars. Invoices can include your own branding and logo for a personalized touch. 

Create invoice via Eukapay to be paid in crypto

Online payments

When shopping online, your customers can choose to checkout as normal, but they will see the option to pay with crypto alongside credit or debit cards. They simply need to send crypto from their wallet to the address shown on the checkout page. 

Custom payments

Additionally, EukaPay can create a custom payment option for your customer which you can email to them. A custom payment is useful for a one-off service or fee. You can send a link that leads to a payment page or you can send it as a PDF. You can save these custom payment templates in your dashboard for use again and again. 

Eukapay’s User Experience and Integration

Integrating EukaPay into your website is easy. In your EukaPay dashboard, you will find templates available for creating a custom checkout button that you can embed in your website. 

Integrating Eukapay to my website

Alternatively, you can use EukaPay’s API and the set-up information includes all the code needed to integrate EukaPay into your website. 

You can also use templates to set up a crypto payment option for events, which you can embed into your website in this same way. 

Paying with Eukapay system

EukaPay has a simple dashboard that lets you view your transactions, payments received, and payouts to your bank, as well as settings where you can add your branding, or adjust security settings. You can also view and create templates, add and manage user roles and view support documentation. 

Dashboard after making the payment

The dashboard is easy to navigate and help is only one click away with 24/7 support.  

Transaction Speed and Security

Transactions happen instantly, just as they would if a customer was checking out using a credit or debit card. This adds a payment guarantee for the merchant, and funds are converted to dollars or stablecoins at the point of sale. Funds are deposited in your bank account and all sales paid with crypto are final. There are no chargebacks. 

EukaPay is a secure way to receive crypto payments. You can whitelist wallet addresses, set up two-factor authentication and add roles and access privileges for members of staff. 

Eukapay’s Customer Support

There is 24/7 support available 365 days a year if you need help. Fill in the contact form on the website and the support team will get back to you. However, there are currently no reviews on Trustpilot for EukaPay so it’s not clear how good their customer service actually is. 

Fees and Pricing

With EukaPay there is a 1% transaction fee. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs.

Regulatory Compliance

EukaPay is an ideal option for Canadian businesses since it complies with Canadian regulations and laws. In fact, it was created for Canadians, so you can be sure it upholds all requirements for safe and secure crypto transactions. 

EukaPay is a crypto payment processor and does not store your funds. You’ll receive dollars in your bank account within one business day, or stablecoins in your own wallet if you prefer. 


If you’re looking to integrate cryptocurrency payments into your business then EukaPay is a great option. Made for Canadian businesses, you can easily receive Canadian dollars directly in your bank every day without losing money to volatility. There are a number of payment integrations available that are simple to set up, making it a solution for all types of businesses. With Canadian banks being cautious about crypto, we fend Eukapay as a perfect solution for Canadian businesses. 

Since the transaction fee is just 1%, crypto payments are cheaper to receive than credit card payments. You also needn’t worry about chargebacks since all payments are final when paid with crypto.

More and more people are looking to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrency so making it an option could mean you gain loyal customers who choose your business over others.


Oleg is a Canadian citizen & crypto expert who has been trading since 2016. He started out with Coinbase, Kraken and Peer-to-Peer exchanges. After some time, centralized exchanges started charging crazy fees to their users.

He decided to review different crypto exchanges that operate in Canada and start a Youtube channel in order to educate Canadians on what kinds of things are going inside each one while giving them unbiased advice. On top of that, Oleg also has experience with NFT, airdrops, and crypto staking and he is constantly checking on new crypto assets.

His writing has been featured in popular Canadian media sources such as Toronto Sun and Ottawa Citizen. 

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